Monday, November 23, 2015

Cine Drilling Landscape architect (part 1 of 2)

We are always thrilled by the gargantuan scenes shown in movies. Some awe inspiring scenes of the film are shot on rough terrains, on huge boulders, on thrilling cliffs. All the stunts performed on these sites give a dimension of reality to the movie. Cine Drilling Landscape architect is all about such “sets”, which are specially “designed” for that particular scene.

Have you seen those breathtaking scenes in the film “Vertical Limit” or have you ever wondered about the terrain where “cliffhanger” was shot. Although most of the scenes in the film are shot in studios using some colossal sets, sometime real terrain and outdoor shoots are necessary to add “reality” to such scenes. This is where a cine drilling architect is needed to handle the situation.

Cine drilling architect is an artist who works behind the screen. You will not notice him on the screen but if you look at the natural “sets”, where the movie is shot you will find how his work has helped the film to become a great movie.

You might be wondering what a cine drilling landscape architect does, right? He actually “carves” suitable locations required for particular scenes. Suppose director needs a river, flowing by an enormous boulder, with a wooden bridge on it. It might be hard to find such a location and even if you find such a location, it may not be economical to go there with all the crew for a single shot. At such times a cine drilling landscape architect comes handy.

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